About Us

Trajan Nutrition is led by Maria Makrides and Robert Gibson, world leaders in nutrition research. They have published over 300 scientific papers focusing on the nutritional needs of families with a focus on maternal and infant nutrition.



To drive improvement in human health, via quality personalized testing as it relates to nutrition.

Professor Maria Makrides
Professor Maria Makrides is one of Australia’s leading expert in research into the nutritional needs of mothers and their babies. She is Deputy Director and leader of the Healthy Mothers, Babies and Children Theme of the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). She is also Director of the Child Nutrition Research Centre with its headquarters in the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Maria’s research is published in the leading medical and nutrition journals and she serves on several institutional and industry advisory panels. Her research has resulted in significant changes to health policies and nutritional guidelines for clinicians who care for expectant mothers and their children.
Professor Robert Gibson
Professor Robert Gibson is Professor of Functional Food Science, University of Adelaide. He is committed to conduct research that will help connect foods with health, particularly of mothers and their children. The goal of his research is to ensure that all families can achieve nutritional adequacy through eating real (unprocessed) foods. Robert is particularly interested in developing minimally invasive tests that enable people to assess their true nutritional status and so manage their own health care. Prof Gibson publishes his work in the highest ranking medical and nutrition journals.
Stephen Tomisich
Stephen Tomisich is the CEO of Trajan Scientific and Medical. Stephen’s career spans a range of global leadership positions in both public and private enterprises. His focus is on developing partnerships with industry, academia and government to deliver lasting beneficial outcomes in the scientific and wider community.
Angela Tomisich
Angela Tomisich is driven to bring new technologies and services to market to benefit society. She is a Director of Trajan Scientific and Medical. Previously, Angela was involved in the establishment of ASTech, a collaboration between Trajan and three Australian universities developing device technology in the analytical and healthcare arena. Angela has a background in analytical chemistry and biomedical science, with business experience across a range of industries, including clinical.