Trajan Nutrition has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) to accelerate the translation in the global market of nutrition testing research led by professors Maria Makrides and Robert Gibson.

Trajan Scientific and Medical established Trajan Nutrition in 2017 as a joint venture with Prof Makrides and Prof Gibson, and recently appointed Mr Marco Baccanti as CEO.

Mr Baccanti, CEO of Trajan Nutrition, comments, “This new agreement will support Trajan Nutrition in offering tailored solutions and technologies for nutrition testing on a global scale; in partnership with research organisations, pathology laboratories, food and supplement companies, health insurance and corporate wellness providers.”

Under the new agreement, Trajan Nutrition and SAHMRI will leverage the know-how and the expertise of the SAHMRI Nutrition Laboratory, an analytical testing and research laboratory entirely dedicated to nutrition tests, perhaps the biggest and best-equipped in the Asia Pacific region. 

Professor Steve Wesselingh, Executive Director of SAHMRI, said, “This agreement with Trajan Nutrition is an important example of SAHMRI’s strategy to deliver translation of the results of its medical research activities into therapeutic solutions for patients, and better preventative health approaches.”

Trajan Scientific and Medical enriches the wellbeing of a growing number of communities through improved scientific and medical tools and technologies. They have completed 7 acquisitions over 6 years, increased their workforce to over 450 staff and continue to develop partnerships with unique collaboration models with academia, industry experts and likeminded organisations.

Mr. Stephen Tomisich, CEO of Trajan Scientific and Medical, said, “This marks an important milestone to accelerate our progress with Trajan Nutrition, and more broadly, with the adoption of Trajan’s microsampling technologies, a stronger focus on proactive wellness through patient-centric and delocalized healthcare.”

Mr Stephen Tomisich, CEO Trajan Scientific and Medical, Prof Steve Wesselingh, Executive Director SAHMRI, and Mr Marco Baccanti, CEO Trajan Nutrition.

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